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Yes we are what we eat. Whether you're a vegan, pescatairan, omnivore... Let's talk about health and food and begin to heal ourselves .

Are you depressed, anxious, have another mental health diagnosis or just need help navigating your life? 1:1 counseling may be for you.

Meditation is fundamental in our journey toward healing. Find ways to integrate meditation in your everyday life.

Are you interested in Astrology and how ancient wisdom can reveal yourself to you? Intuitive readings are a co-creation of a safe space to explore yourself outside of main stream practice.


A life long Artist & Creative, there is a magnetic love vibe that permeates in and around DayatraAmber. She is a dynamic leader who value's holistic, restorative love practice.

As an educator, she values cultural enrichment, holistic health and self-mastery.


I Get Your Struggle

Radical Self-Love speaks to the heart of the matter. What is the matter? We are all in need of HEALING! How do we begin to heal from our lived traumas? Our Ancestral traumas, Community Trauma and so on. We must begin with the nurturing and attention toward the wealth, wellness & wisdom of the SELF. This fundamental relationship with the SELF helps us recognize DIVINITY in our selves and each other.

Through Best Practices, as a professional mental health counselor, we find that quaality of relationships is correlated to longevity and quality of life.

There lies at the intersection of mind, body & spirit a HEALING that is fundamental to our well-being. That being a Radical Self-Love for the HEALING of humanity.

Organic Wool
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